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How to identify if you have damage to your roof

Missing Shingles

How to identify if you have damage to your roof:

  • From the ground – Are there any signs of damage, like a fallen tree or heavy limb?
  • Inside your attic – Is there any dripping or pooling water when it rains?
  • On your ceilings – Have you noticed any soft water spots or stains inside your home?
  • Gutters – Are the gutters full of debris, cracked, broken, hanging down, or filled with granule buildup (tiny pieces of asphalt)?
  • At the top of a ladder – Can you identify loose, dented, cracked, or missing shingles from here?

Have you found any signs of storm damage after you have done an inspection? When you identify roof damage, be sure to not only document, but to take as many photos, as needed for proof. If you decide to file a claim, your insurance adjusters and agents will require some proof before approving the covered repair costs. And always use extreme caution as the roof is dangerous and not for the average homeowner. Leave it up to the professionals.

Call Deaville Roofing and Construction if you think you have damage to your roof. We will treat you with honesty and integrity and tell you the truth whether it is time for a roof replacement or just a simple repair. We can also tell you if you should or shouldn’t file an insurance claim.