Deck & Screen Porch Installation Services in Upstate South Carolina


Roofing Services in Charleston & Greenville, South Carolina

Shingle Roofing

Safety is our number one priority when installing a shingle roof. On each job site, we start of by laying tarp over your landscape to protect them from debris. From then, we will strip your roof to the plywood surface to ensure there is no damage to the plywood structure. If your plywood is rotten, our crew will replace with new sheets of plywood. Once the felt paper is installed we will lay the shingles. We will replace the following:
  • Existing ridge caps
  • Ridge Vent
  • Hip
  • Plumbing Boots
  • Chimney & Sky Lights Reflashed
To ensure cleanliness, our crew will remove all tarp, pick up any trash and we will sweep the ground for nails with a magnet. Call us today! 843-576-1414

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is 100% Recyclable, therefore, if your metal roof needs to be taken off, it can be used to make another roof. Metal roofs have an extremely long life, are most resistant and can lower the cost of your homeowners insurance. We offer many options for metal roofing materials and installation, call us today! 843-576-1414

Brands used

  • ABC Building Supplies
  • Owens Corning